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Chrisean Rock is a staple of the tabloids, and not for all the good reasons. At one of her low points in 2020, she got into a physical altercation that resulted in losing one of her front teeth. At a high point, she became the first artist signed by Blueface. She wanted to start her musical career, but things went differently than planned. Despite all the drama surrounding her and Blueface’s relationship, she has built a solid fan base full of people looking forward to seeing what she does next. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Chrisean Rock.

1. She’s From Baltimore

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Chrisean was born and raised in Baltimore and lived in several neighborhoods throughout the city. She comes from a large family and is the 11th of 12 children. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area, but Baltimore will always have an extra special place in her heart.

2. She’s A YouTuber, Instagrammer and Rapper

Most people know Chrisean through her affiliation with Blueface, but she’s working hard to establish herself as an individual. She started a YouTube channel in 2018 and has amassed more than 18,000 subscribers. Additionally,her channelhas gotten over 491,000 total views. She became more famous for her antics on social media, including her fights with her ex-boyfriend, Blueface. She is also renowned for the rap song, ‘Thotiana.’

3. She is in a toxic on-and-off relationship with Blueface

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Credit: chriseanrockbabyy on Instagram

Whenever Chrisean is mentioned on the internet, it is usually something related to her boyfriend rapper, Blueface. She met Blueface while on the reality tv show Blue Girls Club. When their relationship started, they were always sharing beautiful pictures of themselves, sharing kisses, and enjoying a night out on the internet. But that didn’t last. These days, they are either fighting or exchanging insults on Twitter. The chaos and fighting, some even recorded on camera, made it clear that these two were in a toxic relationship. When Chrisean announced to the world that she was expecting Blueface’s children in 2023, the rapper ran to Twitter to deny being the father. He even accused Chrisean of cheating on him with numerous men throughout the previous year. Blueface announced on Twitter that their relationship was over, and it was strictly business between them.

4. She’s Experienced Homelessness

From the outside looking in, it may be easy for some people to judge Chrisean, but many don’t know her story. She became homeless when she was around nine years old and went without a consistent place to stay for several years – all while still attending school.

5. She Hasn’t Always Had The Best Relationships With Her Family

Chrisean comes from a huge family, and things between them weren’t always easy. She is the 11th child out of 12 children. Her father was in prison for much of her early life. She didn’t even meet him until she was seven years old. Chrisean’s mother struggled with addiction making it difficult for her to be a consistent presence in Chrisean’s life. As a result, Chrisean couldn’t have a smooth and stress-free childhood. Despite that fact, Chrisean still has a love for her parents. Fortunately, she could lean on some of her siblings when things were difficult. Blueface was also caught on camera hitting her father, so we aren’t sure whether that affected their relationship further.

6. Chrisean Rock is aggressive and violent

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Credit: chriseanrockbabyy on Instagram

Although Chrisean is beautiful and exciting to have around, she is often involved in dangerous fights. Whether it is with her boyfriend, friends, or strangers, her behavior even got her arrested on Valentine’s day in 2022 for stealing Blueface’s car. Shortly after announcing she was pregnant, she got into a physical altercation with two women while trying to get to her ex and alleged baby daddy, Blueface. She even punched her ex-stylist on the red carpet with no regard for what will happen to her. We aren’t sure whether any of these individuals will press assault charges against the star.

7. She Was A Track Star

Even though things weren’t easy for Chrisean when she was younger, the track was something she could always turn to. She was a natural athlete, which might explain how active and strong she is. Her track coaches proved to be some of the most instrumental people in her life. Chrisean’s impressive track skills brought her to Santa Monica College in California. According toher LinkedIn profile, she graduated from the school in 2020 with an associate’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science. She appeared to be focusing on positivity and her athletics career until she met Blueface.

8. She Was Abused During Her Childhood

On top of all the other hardships she had to deal with when she was younger, Chrisean was also the victim of abuse. During aninterview with a local Fox News stationin Baltimore, Chrisean shared that she was “choked out” and “beat on” during her childhood. This could be one of the reasons she behaves the way she does today. And we hope she gets the help she needs, especially now that she will be a mother.

9. She Loves Fashion and tattoos

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Credit: chriseanrockbabyy on Instagram

Looking and feeling her best are two essential things to Chrisean, and fashion has given her a way to do that. She has an excellent sense of style and likes to put outfits together. No matter the occasion, you can bet she will come in looking her best. She has even become a brand ambassador for clothing companies such as Ethika and Fashion Nova. One thing you will notice when you look at Chrisean is the number of tattoos she has. Most of them being of her ex, Blueface. The most noticeable one is of the rapper on her neck. And it’s enormous. You can’t miss it.

10. Chrisean Rock is Pregnant

The Thotiana rapper announced on Twitter that she was expecting children with her ex-boyfriend, Blueface. But this isn’t the first time the 23-year-old has been pregnant. She earlier revealed that she’d had three abortions in her past. She said during an interview that if she ever got pregnant again, she would keep it. Chrisean went for a doctors appointment and hinted at the fact that she could be expecting twins.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chrisean Rock - TVovermind (2024)
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