A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (2024)

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (1)

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This article was originally published on Feb, 1, 2023.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have a worryingly unhealthy dynamic.

Throughout the past year, the pair have made numerous headlines, from the good to the bad to the downright ugly. At the start of 2023, Rock shared that she was expectinga baby. The news was met with a slew of drama with Blueface initially alleging that he didn't father the child.“To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces…she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine.” Blueface tweeted: “Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. The pair have gone back and forth numerous times following Rock's pregnancy announcement, with Blueface even threatening to file for custody of the baby in Sept. 2023, only to announce a few months later that he took a secret paternity test that revealed he wasn't the father. As for Chrisean, she welcomed her son Chrisean Jesus Malone in September of last year, and has since expressed that she refused to include Blueface's name on Chrisean Jr.'s birth certificate to ensure full control over her child's wellbeing.

Despite the pair's turbulent dynamic, Chrisean kicked off 2024 with a tattoo of Blueface's profile on her cheek while also announcing that she had moved back into his home.

The couple initially started their relationship at the height of the pandemic in 2020. The rapper launched an OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club, in which different women competed for his love and affection. Rock ended up being a standout due to her aggressive demeanor and endless affection toward Blueface. She eventually won the series, and signed to her man’s label.

For the past two years, the on-again, off-again couple have gotten into several disputes, some of which have led to legal charges. Despite the obvious red flags, their reality show Crazy In Love was picked up by Zeus Network and premiered on the small screen in Dec. 2022.

Here’s a complete timeline of the couple’s relationship, so far.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a domestic violence crisis, you can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at1-800-799-7233or contact local law enforcement.

Rock and Blueface meet at the start of the pandemic

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (2)

Image via Getty

When: 2020

Rock and Blueface’s relationship dates back to 2020 when the rapper launched his OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club. At the time, a group of women was invited to Blueface’s mansion for a month to compete for his love. Rock became an instant standout amongst viewers for her affection toward the rapper. While on the show, Rock got into a fight with the mother of Blueface’s child, Jaidyn Alexis, and lost her front tooth. Rock was later selected as the winner of Blue’s competition series, and was signed to his record label.

Blueface calls out Rock for allegedly stealing his car

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (3)

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When: February 2022

Last February, the rapper called out Rock, who had by then left his label, after she allegedly stole his car and was arrested in Oklahoma for drug possession (she has pleaded not guilty). “B—h stole my car an thought she was gone drive to Baltimore 25 hrs away. Dumbass,” he wrote in a text post via IG stories. “A thief is the worst thing you can be as a female. I’d have more respect for a prostitute…talm bout some ‘come bail me out.’”

Blueface’s manager Wack 100 also called out Rock, alleging that she stole money from his artist. “This Bozo deserves all that she has coming to her! Broke in the house again, stole thousands, stole the G Waggon as we found out not knowing it was her 1,700 miles away got caught,” he wrote alongside her mugshot. “I have no remorse for this BOZO. Now I gotta go get the car out the impound and pay another 5,000 for a transport service to bring it back! If it was you how would you see it!!! And it looks like she was moving work from the charges! Smh.”

Blueface shared screenshots of text conversations with Rock where he explained that he didn’t know it was her who had broken into his home and taken the car until he saw she had allegedly written “I love Blue” in blood on his wall and signed it.

In a video call from jail that was shared with No Jumper and DJ Akademiks, Rock said that she had been “tweakin” before her arrest and that “I used this time to really heal, I’m just healing from a lot of sh*t A lotta stuff I be telling y’all, but I don’t be tellin’ y’all everything, so, you know how that go.”

Chrisean Rock allegedly hit Blueface’s mom

When: May 2022

A few days after getting Blueface’s face tattooed on her neck, Rock got into it with the rapper’s family. Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, delivered a message while her face appeared to be swollen. “All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters. Carry on,” Saffold said, before adding that she will never forgive Rock. In a video shared by Blueface, Chrisean suggested that things got to the point where his family left her “no choice” but to become violent.

Chrisean Rock gets arrested after punching Blueface

Image via Getty

When: August 2022

TMZ broke the news that Rock was arrested for misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct but was released from custody. At the time, the outlet reported that the rapper’s girlfriend punched him in the face at Whiskey Row bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, Blueface hopped on Instagram a few hours later to deny the claims. In the video, Blueface said Rock was only arrested for trespassing, and not for assaulting him.

Chrisean Rock’s dad punched Blueface in the face 😳 pic.twitter.com/7qZqucTbws

— Rap Alert (@rapalert6) December 12, 2022

When: September 2022

The surveillance footage, published by TMZ, was captured during the couple’s gathering with Rock’s family at the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore. The video appears to show Rock’s dad hitting Blueface. After the rapper stumbles back and forth, he then comes from behind and throws a fist at Rock’s dad. Rock later confirmed the altercation on her Instagram stories, writing, “So my boyfriend knocked my dad out. Da family stuff didn’t go well ion even know what’s going on.”

Rock also went to Twitter to address the situation, claiming that her father had been absent from her life for years. “The same dad [that] got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mama up in da woods just to beat her cause she scream so loud in the house when he beated her in front of us,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “So he went out his way to damage my whole family that same dad I met when I was seven. Somebody was been supposed to knock n***a out a long time ago.”

Chrisean Rock says Blueface hit her, takes back claim a day later

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (6)

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When: October 2022

During an Instagram Live, Rock said Blueface put his hands on her. She appeared to have a bruised face while she emotionally detailed what allegedly happened. “The f–k. This is a busted lip. A busted nose… you’re lying. You weird ass b—h,” Rock said. She then claimed the “b— ass n—” beat her up because she was texting another dude.

Rock explained that things took a turn for the worst when she attempted to exit a vehicle they were both riding in. “He gone pull me back just to hit me in my mouth because I wanted to jump out the car,” she added. “You’re too comfortable and keep hitting me in my face.”

One day later, Rock walked back her domestic violence claim, saying Blueface tried to save her from hurting herself. “No filter, no make-up. I had a bad trip yesterday with Casamigos. I tried to jump out of a f—n car on the highway. Blueface was keeping me from jumping out of the car. I thought that b—h was trying to get the f–kup out the car, but he was trying to save me. I just… blacked out.”

Trailer drops for Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s reality show

View this video on YouTube

When: October 2022

Zeus Network dropped the trailer for Blueface and Rock’s reality show, Crazy in Love, in October. A few of the clips included moments from their tumultuous relationship. A few days before the trailer dropped, Rock announced she was single.

Y’all can have him . ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough 🗣🚶🏽‍♀️

— ChriseanRock (@ChriseanMalone) October 2, 2022

“Y’all can have him. ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough,” she tweeted. The reality star was spotted with the rapper a few days after her announcement.

Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy announcement and fallout

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (9)

Image via Getty

When: January 2023

Rock announced that she was pregnant with Blueface’s child in January. After sharing the news, the Famous Cryp rapper denied that he was the father, and said he wanted a paternity test. He also alleged that Rock had been with 10 different men in the last year. During an interview with Complex a few days later, Rock addressed the entire situation.

When asked if she wanted a boy or girl, Rock replied by saying that she’d like one of each. “Both, I hope it’s twins or something,” she said. “I’m the 11th out of 12 siblings. I like kids. I like a big family.”

Rock also claimed that Blueface’s reaction to her pregnancy announcement was allegedly him lashing out about a previous situation. “He’s just mad that I went to Baltimore and didn’t tell him. I said I was in LA with my home girl Stunna [Girl] and I wasn’t. I was in Baltimore with my family. I took a trip, and he’s blowing up my phone like, ‘Where you at? Where you at?’ I ghosted him for a whole 24 hours, so he can’t live with that. He didn’t know if I was with a n—a or if I was really with my family, so he got to poppin’ it like a little b—h. [laughs] The f–k?”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface drop new song "Lit"

Chrisean Rock & BlueFace Dropped a new song called Lit pic.twitter.com/uaLLVYrcCP

— RiichStoneMedia (@RiichStoneMedia) January 25, 2023

Twitter: @RiichStoneMedia

When:January 2023

The pair shared a new song titled “Lit” in the wake of her pregnancy announcement. The video featured footage from their problematic interview on The Sharp Tank podcast last week, during which things became heated to the point that Rock was asked to leave the set by security. She later addressed the situation on Instagram. “Blue told them to take me out of the interview once I got up after I said something to [sic] revealing n it wasn’t good look for blue,” she wrote.

Rock added that things went left when her boyfriend contradicted her story of an incident in which she allegedly attacked the rapper with a piece of glass. According to the soon-to-be mom, she was the one to throw the first blow.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock get married in music video for “Dear Rock”

View this video on YouTube

When:January 2023

Blueface and Rock dropped a music video for their new collaborative track “Dear Rock” in late January in which the two got married. As reported byTMZ, the couple visited a wedding chapelbut it looks like they were simply shooting a video for thesong. The video features Chrisean wearing a white, lace-accented gown, holding hands with Blueface, as the pair appear to exchange vows in front of an altar. Shewas spotted shopping for wedding dresses in Downtown Los Angeles ahead of the video shoot.TMZ and Hollywood Unlockedshared a videothat showed Rock inside Anita’s Bridal Boutique while trying on a gown. Watch the video above.

When: September 2023

In early September, Chrisean welcomed her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone, sharing the experience on Instagram Live. But the joyous occasion did not come without its own fair share of drama, with Blueface not being present for his son’s birth and taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to address his many issues with his ex-partner. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Blueface expressed his intention to file for custody of their child, deeming Chrisean as too selfish to take care of the baby. “Sad part about all this is she doesn’t know we care about the baby more than her at this point,” one tweet said. “If she don’t take my son serious an make that her main focus an priority for atleast 30days I will file for custody you’ve been warned.”

Blueface also took an issue with Chrisean naming their son after herself, writing in a since-deleted tweet, “I actually feel bad for my son at this point he’s a junior to his mom he don’t gotta be named after me but at least put some thought into it that was some quick last minute.”

A few days later, Chrisean addressed Blueface’s tirade on an Instagram Live where she insinuated that she tried to reach out to the rapper to discuss their differences and future plans with their son, but that he kept redirecting the conversation to her relationship with Lil Baby. “I’m tryna talk it out. We talking ‘bout Lil Baby and his restaurant,” Chrisean began. “f*ck Lil Baby and his restaurant…I’m talking ‘bout our kid. You talking ‘bout me eating at someone’s f*cking restaurant.”

Later that month, a video of Chrisean dangerously holding her baby in Walmart went viral, which she quickly addressed in an Instagram Story clarifying “I feel like instead of that lady recording me, she could’ve just helped me. I got a dog, two carts full of sh*t I need for my house. I’m calling my baby daddy, is he helping? No. So I don’t know why he’s chiming in either. This mommy sh*t is cool, but man your mind is racing 36… eight hours a day.”

She added, “I’m still learning. I love my baby. He’s a good baby. I’mma tighten up, straight up…Everybody makes mistakes.”

Blueface signs Chrisean to M.I.L.F Music

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (13)

Johnny Nunez / WireImage

When: September 2023

Things seemed to calm down between the pair for a couple of weeks, with Blueface even posting a story to his Instagram on Sept. 17 that revealed he had signed Chrisean to his new label, M.I.L.F. Music. Blueface’s longtime girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, slammed his decision to sign Chrisean, taking to Twitter to call her boyfriend a “deadbeat” who’s a “narcissist, a liar, and a weirdo” while also taking a shot at Chrisean with a tweet that said, “Who’s watching the baby.”

Blueface responded, writing “I don’t know how to be a deadbeat. I’m sorry I can’t live up to you guys bad dad expectations.” He also addressed the fact that both Chrisean and Jaidyn were signed to his label, saying “I signed both my baby mommas. I guess I’m the problem."

I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem

— blueface (@bluefacebleedem) September 17, 2023

Twitter: @bluefacebleedem

Naturally, Chrisean responded to all the drama and clarified that she and Blueface were not back together romantically, but were trying to “heal properly and become best friends again” for their son. And that she hoped Jaidyn would be able to find that peace and healing herself.

A few days later, Chrisean returned to Twitter to reveal that she never actually signed to Blueface’s label and was only trying to support its promotion. “Tbh, I was just supporting my Baby Daddy nobody doing milfmusic fr,” she tweeted. “I’m not signing to any label. The [“Baby Momma Drama”] music video was just for promotional purposes only.” However, Chrisean’s statement was taken with a grain of salt as she only clarified the above after Blueface tweeted about Jaidyn being a star performer that same day.

Blueface proposes to Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface got on his knee and proposed to Jaidyn Alexis at the Rams game a few minutes ago! 💙💍 They are getting MARRIED! pic.twitter.com/Y92wwlCCEC

— HOUSE OF BLUES (@house0fblues) October 22, 2023

Twitter: @house0fblues

When: October 2023

A little over a month after the whole label fiasco, Blueface proposed to Jaidyn Alexis at SoFi Stadium in a lavish affair. Viral videos showed the rapper getting down on one knee with a diamond ring in hand, while Jaidyn was overcome with emotion. Chrisean quickly took to Instagram Live to comment on the proposal, saying that it felt like a “publicity stunt.”

“Can I be honest? I think that whole sh*t was probably a publicity stunt,” she began. “I feel like I don’t even have to say that. Never mind. Long story short, don’t believe the internet. A lot of muthaf*ckas is trolling right now. Just trying to take advantage of the limelight. I’m becoming a new Chrisean bro. I could be real with y’all. Or I could just let y’all see it for what it is by yourself.”

Blueface responded to Chrisean’s accusations, by doubling down on his engagement and confirming that it was real. “Jaidyn is the only female I would ever get on one knee for,” he tweeted. “This ain’t no publicity stunt tf I’ma marry somebody for clout for that don’t make no damn sense.”

Blueface takes a paternity test

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (14)

@bluefacebleedem / X

When: December 2023

Following months of back-and-forth of Blueface refuting (then claiming) that he was the father of Chrisean Jr., the rapper took to social media to share that he had undergone a DNA test that allegedly confirmed he was not the father. “Tell me why I snook an swab this baby dna test results came in…iam not the father smh,” he began. “It’s a bitter sweat feeling cus I was coming around to it but definitely in my best interest thank you Jesus.”

He added, “I can’t even pretend like im not happy as hell.” In response, Chrisean took to Instagram Live where she asked Blueface: “What do you want from me bro?” And went on to explain that she chose to have her baby in Baltimore alone and not include Blueface on the birth certificate to make sure that Chrisean Jr. was her own and that she had “full control.”

“Respectfully it’s not your child. You know why? Because, where’s the proof?” she added. “In spite of that DNA test we took on our TV show…we know this is your kid but he doing so much damage, I had to make sure he was on no birth certificate.”

Blueface implies Offset and Chrisean had an affair

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (15)

Thaddaeus Mcadams / Getty Images

When: December 2023

Amid headlines that Cardi B and Offset were separating, Blueface took to Twitter to jump on the gossip and allege that Chrisean and Offset hooked up in November 2023. “Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f*cked cardi B husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n***as looking at me while they f*cking you get the rest of em gone asap please,” he began.

“Aye main you n***as an bitches decided to join blues circus when you guys decided to indulge yo guys watch the show see how sh*t play out online every time so for you men and female that decide to enter the chat there’s no mercy I ain’t deleting sh*t an everything I said is factual welcome to the circus.”

Chrisean swiftly replied and stated that Blueface was making up the allegations, writing, “U just crashing out making up sh*t.” In response, Blueface doubled down on his claims and revealed the alleged date and time the hook-up occurred. “So you ain’t f*ck cardi husband November 10th at 4 a.m. at their house in LA…I’m making this up?” he wrote.

Offset then entered the chat and clarified: “I ain’t never talk or touch that lady. Real Talk man you need some help!”

Chrisean gets a tattoo of Blueface on her cheek

Chrisean Rock gets a face tattoo of Blueface

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) January 28, 2024

Twitter: @DailyLoud

When: January 2024

As Blueface serves time for a probation violation, Chrisean has been showing her support with some new ink. The rapper tattooed a portrait of Blueface on her cheek, and posted a video of its process on Instagram captioned: “#freeblueface free my Daddy I love you papa.”

In mid-January, Rock revealed that she had moved back into Blueface’s house, which has led many to believe that the couple are back on and trying to make it work. The tattoo surely didn’t help the rumors.

A Timeline of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Unhealthy Relationship (2024)


Did Blueface hurt Chrisean Rock? ›

Chrisean Rock says Blueface hit her, takes back claim a day later. During an Instagram Live, Rock said Blueface put his hands on her. She appeared to have a bruised face while she emotionally detailed what allegedly happened. “The f–k.

How long were Blueface and Chrisean together? ›

1. Blueface and Chrisean Rock had a rocky relationship since they started dating in 2020. While Chrisean said they split in October 2022, the pair went on to welcome baby No. 1 in September 2023.

What happened to Chrisean's tooth? ›

The two women got into an altercation that was provoked by Alexis. At a certain point during said altercation, Chrisean who was in socks, slipped and fell into a small statue. Upon falling she hit her face causing her tooth to fall out. After the incident occurred the rapper gave her the money to fix the tooth.

Are Chrisean and Blueface really cousins? ›

On Monday, Karlissa Saffold, Blueface's mother, took to her Instagram Stories and claimed her son Rock are actually cousins. According to Saffold, Chrisean's mother's last name is Dorsey, with whom she's related. "I knew something was going on," she said. "I come to find out that Chrisean's mama is a Dorsey.

Why did Blueface choose Chrisean? ›

Blueface Reveals What Attracted Him to Chrisean Rock

"To me, it started being like, super appreciative. You're willing to make a fool of yourself to show how much you appreciate me," Blue reflected, though he admitted he didn't like her behaviour at first because of his relationship with Jaidyn.

Why did Chrisean Rock hit Blueface with a bottle? ›

Chrisean Rock says that she didn't hit Blueface with a bottle of Hennessy, as is being rumored on the internet. Instead, she has clarified that she struck her partner with a "glass cup." "It was a glass cup stop trynna play me cuz if I hit him with a henny bottle dat boy wouldn't be alive...," she tweeted on Tuesday.

When did Blueface hit Chrisean Rock? ›

Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Assaulted Her During Meeting to Drop-Off Son. On Thursday (Dec. 21), Chrisean hopped on Instagram Live and claimed that Blueface had invited her over that morning to his Los Angeles home. Chrisean obliged in the hopes that Blue was willing to babysit their shared son Chrisean Jr.

How many followers did Chrisean lose? ›

Chrisean Loses 300k Followers After Blueface Tattoo #CapCut #chrisean ...

How did Chrisean get famous? ›

Career. Malone halted her studies and began appearing on an OnlyFans show, called Blue Girls Club, by living in rapper Blueface's mansion for a month to showcase herself on his platform. Blueface had 7 million followers on Instagram and offered women the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

What happened to 69 teeth? ›

Tekashi 69 got a bag and fixed his teeth! The rapper has unveiled a new set of "celebrity teeth" after flying out to Colombia and having his smile fixed by a popular dentist. Check out his 6ix9ine's smile below in the Instagram video he posted alongside his dentist.

Who did Chrisean name her son after? ›

Why Is Chrisean Rock Now Naming Her Son After Blueface? After saying that Blueface "is not a deadbeat," Chrisean Rock apparently decides on the spot that she's ready to change the child's name from Chrisean Malone Jr. to Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr. in honor of the baby boy's father.

Did Blueface have a baby with his cousin? ›

The rapper's mom, Karlissa Saffold, made the allegation on social media over the weekend -- not long after Chrisean gave birth to her and Blueface's newborn baby boy. She says Blueface and Chrisean could possibly be cousins -- in fact, she totally believes it.

What happened to the Blueface? ›

The embattled rapper's back in L.A. County jail after violating his probation in a 2021 assault case, and law enforcement sources tell us he's staying in the administrative segregation area -- meaning he's kept outta gen pop -- and he's got a cell all to himself where he's getting his meals brought to him.

Did Blueface get married to Chrisean? ›

Blueface has moved past his objections to the institution of marriage and tied the knot to Chrisean Rock — at least for professional reasons if not personal.

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