All Knowledge Point Treasure Locations in WoW Dragonflight (2024)

While all professions in World of Warcraft have undergone an overhaul in the Dragonflight expansion, the crafting professions (Alchemy, Engineering, Tailoring, etc.) have seen the most work. One such addition is the inclusion of Knowledge Point Treasures. These are hidden throughout the Dragon Isles and grant Knowledge Points when used. These are extremely useful when customizing a profession to your personal style. However, locating these treasures can be a bit tricky.

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All WoW Open World Knowledge Treasures by Profession

To make it easy to track these treasures, we highly recommend installing a coordinates mod like TomTom. You can then copy and paste the coordinates and the add-on will direct you right to where you need to go.


Well Insulated MugThe Waking Shores/way 25.1, 73.3Inside Dragonbane Keep, near the entrance to the event boss.
Frostforged PotionThe Waking Shores/way 55, 81Inside the middle of the Icy Crater.
Canteen of Suspicious WaterOhn'ahran Plains/way 79.2, 83.8Inside the cave southeast of Forkriver Crossing. Check the bottle near the dead Expedition Scout.
Experimental Decay SampleThe Azure Span/way 16.4, 38.5Inside a large green cauldron just north of Iskaara.
Firewater Powder SampleThe Azure Span/way 67, 13.2Next to the vase outside the Timbermaw log house.
Tasty CandyThaldraszus/way 55.2, 30.5Place the Discarded Toys inside the colored cauldrons.
Contraband ConcoctionThaldraszus/way 59.5, 38.4Next to the flying book in Alge'thar Academy is a glowing purple potion.

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Glimmer of Blacksmithing WisdomThe Waking Shores/way 56.4, 19.5Craft a Primal Molten Alloy near the Dim Forge to make the item lootable.
Ancient MonumentThe Waking Shores/way 22, 87In the Apex Canopy is a monument with four shields and a sword.
Curious IngotsThe Waking Shores/way 65.5, 25.7Inside Scalecracker Keep is an ingot on the ground next to a Forge.
Molten IngotThe Waking Shores/way 35.5, 64.3Lava river west of Obsidian Bulwark. Kick three ingots into the lava to spawn a mob.
Qalashi Weapon DiagramThe Waking Shores/way 34.5, 67.1On an island surrounded by lava west of Obsidian Bulwark.
Ancient Spear ShardsOhn'ahran Plains/way 81.1, 37.9Inside of a cave west of Rusza'thar Reach.
Falconer Gauntlet DrawingsOhn'ahran Plains/way 50.9, 66.5Inside a hut on an island in the sea.
Spelltouched TongsThe Azure Span/way 53.1, 65.3Requires mining to breach a Rock Wall inside the Azure Archives.
Draconic FluxThaldraszus/way 52.2, 80.5Inside a building west of the Shifting Sands flight point.


Flashfrozen SoilThe Waking Shores/way 57.5, 83.6In a frozen cave system within Flashfrozen Enclave.
Lava-Infused SeedThe Waking Shores/way 68, 26.8In a flower next to a lava flower, in Scalecracker Keep.
Enchanted DebrisThe Waking Shores/way 57.5, 58.5Use the Disenchanted Broom and follow it.
Stormbound HornOhn'ahran Plains/way 61.4, 67.6In Windsong Rise, north of the Ohn'iri Springs.
Forgotten Arcane TomeThe Azure Span/way 38.5, 59.2Lying on the floor to the right of the entrance in a tomb inside the Azure Archives.
Faintly Enchanted RemainsThe Azure Span/way 45.1, 61.2Interact with the Mana-Starved Crystal just east of the Azure Archives to spawn a mob.
Enriched Earthen ShardThe Azure Span/way 21, 45Interact with the side of the mountain to make the node appear.
Fractured Titanic SphereThaldraszus/way 59.9, 70.4South of Tyrhold.


Boomthyr RocketThe Waking Shores/way 56, 44.9Inside the Concord Observatory, north of the Ruby Pools flight point. Loot the ashes from the same building as the notes and the other three items in the larger building across the open area.
Intact Coil CapacitorThe Waking Shores/way 49.1, 77.5On a ledge north of Dragonscale Basecamp flight point. Interact with the three Exposed Wires.


Pulsing Earth RuneThe Waking Shores/way 67.9, 57.9Behind a table inside the ruined building inside the Life Vault Ruins.
Sign Language Reference SheetOhn'ahran Plains/way 85.7, 25.2Hanging from the tent entrance in Timberstep Outpost.
Dusty Darkmoon CardThe Azure Span/way 46.2, 23.9Inside a building on an upper level in the Cobalt Assembly.
Frosted ParchmentThe Azure Span/way 43.7, 30.9Behind an Arcane Commander.
How to Train Your WhelplingValdrakken/way 13.2, 63.9Interact with the brown book inside the sandbox in the Little Scales Day Care area.
Forgetful Apprentice's TomeThaldraszus/way 56.3, 41.2On a table near the big telescope west of Algeth'ar Academy entrance.
Forgetful Apprentice's TomeThaldraszus/way 47.2, 40.1In a small building west of Algeth'era flight point. Interact with the Curious Glyph. Cross the bridge and kill the neutral mob inside the house. Deliver the dropped item to the glyph.
Counterfeit Darkmoon DeckThaldraszus/way 56.1, 40.9Speak with Siennagosa and click the eight Darkmoon cards at her feet in order (ace through eight).


Closely Guarded ShinyThe Waking Shores/way 50.4, 45.1Under a tree and next to a beaver's dam before a waterfall.
Igneous GemThe Waking Shores/way 33.9, 63.7Inside Dragonbane Keep. Kill the large magma frog and interact with the three crystals.
Lofty MalygiteOhn'ahran Plains/way 25.2, 35.4Inside a cave in Storm Scar.
Fragmented KeyOhn'ahran Plains/way 61.8, 13Under the tree roots in a ruined building in the Neltharan Plains.
Crystalline OvergrowthThe Azure Span/way 45, 61.3Next to a small pond in the Azure Archives.
Harmonic Crystal HarmonizerThe Azure Span/way 44.6, 61.2Azure Archives. Click the chest inside the bond to receive a buff and interact with three nearby crystals before the buff runs out.
Alexstraszite ClusterThaldraszus/way 59.8, 65.2Tyrhold. Right below the letter "T" on the map.
Painter's Pretty JewelThaldraszus/way 56.9, 43.7Under a plant inside a vase.

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Poacher's PackThe Waking Shores/way 39, 86Near the dead Vulpera beside the river.
Spare Djaradin ToolThe Waking Shores/way 64.3, 25.4Interact with the tools lying near the dead red dragon.
Wind-Blessed HideOhn'ahran Plains/way 86.4, 53.7Inside the Shikaar Highlands Centaur Camp.
Well-Danced DrumThe Azure Span/way 12.5, 49.4Inside the underground building. Fix the drum next to Raq and loot the item after he dances on the drum.
Decay-Infused Tanning OilThe Azure Span/way 16.7, 38.8Inside a barrel in a gnoll camp to the north of Iskaara.
Treated HidesThe Azure Span/way 57.5, 41.3In a Snowhide camp east of Camp Antonidas.
Decayed ScalesThaldraszus/way 56.8, 30.5Inside a basket in Fetid's Camp.


Mysterious BannerThe Waking Shores/way 74.7, 37.9Atop one of the buildings to the south of Wingrest Embassy.
Itinerant Singed FabricThe Waking Shores/way 24.9, 69.7Outside the cave where the final boss in Dragonbane Keep spawns.
Noteworthy Scrap of CarpetOhn'ahran Plains/way 35.3, 40.1On the floor of a hut inside Nokhudon Hold.
Silky SurpriseOhn'ahran Plains/way 66.1, 52.9Interact with the Catnip Frond inside Cleverwood Hollow.
Decaying Brackenhide BlanketThe Azure Span/way 16.2, 38.8Hanging from a tree inside a tent in Brackenhide Hollow.
Intriguing Bolt of Blue ClothThe Azure Span/way 40.7, 54.5Inside a small tower north of the Azure Archives. Follow the stairs to the left.
Miniature Bronze Dragonflight BannerThaldraszus/way 60.4, 79.7On the northeast platform in the Temporal Conflux.
Ancient Dragonweave BoltThaldraszus/way 58.6, 45.8South of the Dungeon portal in Algeth'ar Academy. Connect the spools of thread to the center gem in Ancient Dragonweave Loom.

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All Knowledge Point Treasure Locations in WoW Dragonflight (2024)


How to farm knowledge points in Dragonflight? ›

Earning Profession Knowledge Points in Dragonflight
  1. Side Gathers.
  2. Random Crafting Item Drops.
  3. Knowledge Items from Rare Mobs.
  4. Dragon Shards of Knowledge.
  5. Profession Trainer Weekly Quests.
  6. Draconic Treatises from Inscription.
  7. Darkmoon Faire.

Where to find blacksmithing knowledge in Dragonflight? ›

Players have a few different opportunities to learn Dragon Isles Blacksmithing from several NPC's:
  • Kholmar Sunrunner to the left of the Inn in Wingrest Embassy - Players who already have Blacksmithing learned will be offered the quest Dragon Isles Blacksmithing as well.
  • Farrier Uugan in Teerakai in Ohn'ahran Plains.

Is there a way to reset profession knowledge in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Profession Knowledge Overview

First things first, you should know that Knowledge Points cannot be refunded. They are permanent! There is no way to get a single point back at this moment. Use them wisely!

Where to farm Dragon Shard of Knowledge? ›

The Wonders of the World - Speak with Thomas Bright /way #2022 60.22 72.16, Then Fly to /way #2023 46.13 59.90, and press on Strange Nest then wait few sec to finish quest. YOu will get Dragon Shard of Knowledge and Ancient Scrap of Draconic Wisdom.

How do you grind mining Knowledge in Dragonflight? ›

You can find Dragon Isles Mining Knowledge in a number of ways. You can gain a point for every new ore that you discover upon first mining it, and whenever you receive resources from a deposit, you have a chance at receiving Iridescent Ore Fragments or a completed Iridescent Ore.

Is Jewelcrafting worth it Dragonflight? ›

Jewelcrafting is one of the Professions that allows for the crafting of Profession Equipment - Accessories and Tools which provide powerful bonuses to Crafting Secondary Skills. These items will be in high demand, and will likely fetch premium prices on the Auction House.

What is the best profession to go with Jewelcrafting? ›

Best Professions to Pair with Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is most often paired with Mining, since Prospecting involves breaking down ore into Gems. Since Mining and Prospecting are the only possible source for gems (other than the Auction House), this is by far the most common profession pairing with Jewelcrafting.

What is the max Jewelcrafting skill in Dragonflight? ›

In Dragonflight, you cannot level your profession to maximum easily like in previous expansions. For Jewelcrafting, you will only be able to reach skill 70/100 with vendor-learned recipes. You will be required to farm renown or use Knowledge points towards other recipes in order to fully max out your skill to 100/100.

What are the best money making professions in wow? ›

Certain professions are more lucrative. S-Tier professions for gold making include Enchanting, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. A-Tier includes Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Fishing. B-Tier professions are Cooking, Engineering, and Inscription​​​​.

How many Knowledge points does WoW have? ›

You are limited to gaining 10-15 points per week (Engineers are 6-11), it is possible to eventually max out every wheel in every tree for all professions. Technically, you are not limited on Dragon Shards of Knowledge, as there's a completely maxxed out engineer out there now who spent 8+ hours a day farming shards.

Is blacksmithing profitable in Dragonflight? ›

Those who learn Blacksmithing can not only satisfy their needs, but also make a lot of gold by selling the gear. All the good stuff like armor and weapons come from blacksmiths.

Where to get untapped forbidden knowledge in WoW? ›

Untapped Forbidden Knowledge is obtained from rare-elites and treasure chests in the Forbidden Reach. Use it to upgrade Primal Infused catch-up armor from item level 385 to item level 395 at item upgraders like Researcher Baneflare at Morqut Village.

What is the best alchemy specialization in Dragonflight? ›

Recommended Alchemy Specialization Builds
  • Transmutation Specialization.
  • Potion Mastery Specialization.
  • Phial Mastery Specialization.
May 8, 2023

How to get more alchemy knowledge? ›

Knowledge can be gained through various means such as crafting recipes for the first time and completing quests offered in the Artisan's Market in Valdrakken.

What is the best way to get enchanting knowledge in Dragonflight? ›

By completing other players' orders, you not only charge a fee for this, but you also progress further in your specialization. This can be the best way to level Enchanting in WoW Dragonflight for some people. If you are lucky with the orders, you will get the First Craft Bonus every time you complete an order.

What is the fastest way to level up in Dragonflight? ›

When it comes to leveling up in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight, there are several options available. However, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to level up your character is through dungeon leveling in a group of five players.

How do you get shards of knowledge in Dragonflight? ›

After getting the spell cast on you at the end of the questline, you can pick up Dragon Shards of Knowledge from scout packs, or through looting enemies. If you want to partake in this hunt on your alts, complete the quest To the Azure Span (Azure Span 71.5, 80.5), then That's My Specialty (The Waking Shores 60, 71.4).

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