Canary For Sale Craigslist (2024)

1. inland empire for sale "canaries" - craigslist

  • Young canaries ready for new homes (Quail Valley. 5/24·. $55 hide. Parrotlets PARROTLETS--Finches--Canaries 1. •. Parrotlets PARROTLETS--Finches--Canaries.

  • inland empire for sale "canaries" - craigslist

2. Susan's Canaries - Facebook

  • Susan's Canaries. 9696 likes. Breeding and showing since 2000. I specialize in Fife, Irish Fancy, and Raza canaries. Sold and shipped locally and...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. Canaries in California -

4. The Craigslist Thread | SURFER Magazine Forum

  • ... sale - craigslist. 9'9" Surfboards by Micah Beutz longboard. Raymond Speed Shape fantastic condition canary yellow according to Micah. https://www.instagram ...

  • $350 CI Twin Pin w/ glass on keels. Interesting. Seems like most people I talk to aren't into this board. That’s not a Twin Pin. That’s a Rocket 9 with two fins, channels and a pin tail

5. Pros and cons of Craigslist rehome - Parrot Forum

  • Oct 5, 2012 · What has been your experience with Craigslist rehomed birds? Overall, what are the pros and cons of adopting a bird on CL?

  • What has been your experience with Craigslist rehomed birds? Overall, what are the pros and cons of adopting a bird on CL? I would like to adopt my second bird as a rehome so I can get a bird close to age of my nanday. I am a bit turned off by people trying to make money off unwanted pets and...

6. craigslist - The White Finch Aviary -

  • Feb 26, 2013 · Patty's Finches & Canaries – Silverdale, Wa. Purchased: CFW, White Also Available: Canaries & BC males. Pecking?: No Bird Health/ ...

  • Posts about craigslist written by Chelsea @ TWFA

craigslist - The White Finch Aviary -

7. Weird Christmas $#!+ For Sale On Boise's Craigslist Right Now

  • Dec 7, 2022 · Weird Christmas $#!+ For Sale On Boise’s Craigslist Right. Craigslist/Canva ... price of $129.99 for a single canary. We are estimating this ...

  • You have to see what strange Christmas items people in the Treasure Valley are selling on Craigslist right now. This stuff is guaranteed to put you in the Holiday Spirit!

Weird Christmas $#!+ For Sale On Boise's Craigslist Right Now

8. 3.0seeker - BMW E9 Coupe

  • Apr 13, 2016 · Craigslist charges $5 per ad for dealers. Apparently they're trying to get around spending that huge amount of money. The ad can be flagged a ...

  • Doesn't look horrible??

9. Craigslist bedford in -

  • Canary's America Singers · Medford · 5/23 pic.Choose from 133 apartments for rent ... For Sale near Bedford, PA 15522 - craigslist.craigslist provides local ...

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Canary For Sale Craigslist (2024)


How much does a canary cost? ›

On average, you can expect to pay between $25 and $75 for a pet canary. Once you have your new bird, there are some supplies you'll need to purchase, including a cage, bird food, and water and food dishes. A good rule of thumb is to budget about $100 for these initial costs.

Can a male and female canary live together? ›

Separate by gender outside of breeding season.

Canaries can fight for many reasons, but competition over mating is one of the biggest causes. To reduce the tension, keep the males in one cage and females in another after their first molt in late summer. Use caution when putting males in a cage together.

What color is a canary? ›

Canary Colors

The original wild canary is a bright yellow bird with gray-black streaking on the back. Domestic canaries come in a wide range of colors, from yellow, white, and greenish shades to bolder red and even black.

What is the best canary to buy? ›

Border Fancy canaries are popular amongst breeders and are good for the novice to begin with. The Fife is similar to a Border but smaller in stature. Canaries display their own personalities and the Gloster is one of the best. It is well suited to the beginner and possesses a pleasant song.

Can I keep a single canary? ›

A single male canary will typically be content to live alone and sing to their heart's content. If you would like to enjoy even more of the canary's song you could invest in two male canaries, however, you will need to keep them in separate cages out of sight from one another.

Do canaries recognize their owners? ›

Canaries are mostly a “hands-off” pet, although they can recognize their owner. Provide a large cage measuring at least 18 in (46 cm) long and wide. Cage bar spacing should be approximately 3/8 in (1 cm). Perch diameter should range from 53/8 to 3/4 in (1-1.9 cm) in diameter.

Do canaries like to be handled? ›

TEMPERAMENT. Most Canaries are somewhat timid and shy little birds. Unlike larger bird species, they don't usually do well with being handled, although there may be the occasional exception. Canaries are charming birds, and many enjoy watching and interacting with their owners from the comfort of a large flight cage.

Do canaries need to be covered at night? ›

Cover your bird's cage at night to prevent “night fright”. Canaries need about 12 hours of rest a night. This also helps your pet get used to a regular routine, and you may find your bird starts to recognize their evening routine.

Do canaries like a mirror? ›

Mirrors: Some canaries will enjoy mirrors, while others may be afraid of them. Certain canaries may become territorial if they think they're sharing their habitat with another bird.

Are canary birds smart? ›

Canaries are intelligent birds that can be tamed and trained with patience and practice. Although they enjoy the company of humans, they are a bit more aloof than parakeets or parrots. In fact, the canary is a loner. So he doesn't mind being alone in a cage.

Can you bond with canaries? ›

Let the bird get used to you. All the training will take place between you and the bird, so it is important that you form a bond with your Canary. They need to be able to trust you and mustn't be at all afraid of you. The first step in forming this relationship with your birds is to let them get used to your voice.

What is the lifespan of a canary? ›

Scientific name: Serinus canaria domestica

Depending on environmental circ*mstances, a canary's lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years. Canaries were introduced and then released on Midway around the turn of the 20th century by workers of the Pacific Cable Company.

Is a canary a good pet bird? ›

Canaries do not require a great deal of attention and are suitable for beginning pet bird owners. Canaries are not social birds so a single pet canary will be happy being alone.

Are canaries hard to care for? ›

Canaries are very hardy, but to keep them healthy their cage must always be as clean as possible. Every morning, the shelves and trays are removed and wiped down. This process is done while the birds are in the cage – they love to watch from their natural wooden perches.

Are canaries low maintenance? ›

The canary is strictly an observational bird, making it one of the most low-maintenance best bird pets. They don't like to be touched too much and are perfectly happy living alone in a cage. You can definitely put them in pairs or in groups- just don't put two male canaries together as they'll fight.

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