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Vladislava Galagan is a bodybuilder, Instagram sensation, and social media personality from Russia. Her amazing physique has earned her universal praise around the world. Vladislava put a lot of effort into achieving the perfect physique.

On her social media pages, she publishes fitness-related images and videos. It made headlines when Galagan’s training and makeover video was rediscovered online in October 2022. After seeing her amazing and motivating transformation, everyone was shocked.

In addition, she participated in a lot of bodybuilding contests and posted pictures of herself on social media. Learn more information regarding her height, age, wiki, net worth, boyfriend, bio, weight, measurements of her body, family, nationality, religion, ethnicity, parents, siblings, and other details.

Real NameVladislava Galagan
Nick NameVladi
Professionbodybuilder, Instagram sensation, and social media personality
Well-known forDue to her unique physique

Early Life Of Vladislava

Vladislava Galagan Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth - Celeb Geeks (1)

Vladislava was born in Temryuk, Russia, into a Russian family in 1997. She disclosed that her zodiac sign is Pisces, despite not being revealed on her birthday date. Vladi is her nickname. Most of her life has been spent in her hometown. Vladislava’s ethnicity is Russian, and she is of Russian nationality. Despite being a Christian, she does not actively practice the faith.

Vladislava attended the Municipal Art School in Russia to study fine arts from 2010 to 2013. Next, she studied at the American University in Bulgaria, She completed her studies and earned a degree in teaching English as a second or foreign language. Additionally, she pursued additional studies at Prague’s University of New York, SUNY Empire State College, and the International Center of Modern Education.

Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthTemryuk, Russia

Career Of Vladislava

Vladislava Galagan Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth - Celeb Geeks (2)

Firstly, Vladislava has held a number of jobs to help maintain her financial situation. According to her Linkedin profile, she originally spent five months at Russia’s Beluga Restaurant as a Chief Banquet Waiter.

She worked a variety of part-time jobs during the following few years after quitting that job. Although being Russian, she is well known for her proficiency in the English language. As a result, she started instructing Russian-speaking individuals in English in Prague.

Although she works for herself, she began private tutoring in September 2020 and continued until November 2022. She taught English and assisted students in getting ready for the Unified State Test for English.

She participated heavily in sports as a child, including gymnastics and athletics. Vladislava actively went to the gym to maintain a decent figure because she enjoyed sports. Eventually, she created the figure of her dreams and participated in bodybuilding competitions.

Social Media Accounts

Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Vladislava is 27as of 2024. She weighs about 84 kg and is 5 feet 8 inches (173.5 cm) tall. Her star sign is Gemini, and her net worth is about $550,000(estimated).

Sponsorships and paid subscriptions are her main sources of income. She mostly relies on sponsorship opportunities, just like any other fitness creator, to earn a respectable life.

Age27 years old
Height5 feet, 8 inches
Weight84 kg
Star signGemini
Net worth$550,000

Personal Life

Vladislava Galagan Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth - Celeb Geeks (3)

Vladislava is unattached and has not engaged in any other romantic connections or affairs outside of committed relationships. Additionally, there are no rumors or scandals surrounding her personal life or professional career.

Interesting Facts

  1. Vladislava Galagan is fluent in the language, speaking English, German, Czech, and Russian.
  2. Galagan has 62k subscribers to her YouTube channel, which posts fitness and vlog content.
  3. She gained popularity on social platforms after several of her Instagram pictures garnered widespread attention and earned her the nickname “She-Hulk.”
  4. Vladislava has been devoted to fitness since she started attending gym classes when she was 16.
  5. Galagan partnered with other influential fitness figures, including Mike Thurston and Tupuria Gogita, among others.
  6. Vladislava told Fitness Volt that she follows a strict diet and gets 100 grams of protein each day. Regular meals for the fitness fanatic include steak, chicken, fish, turkey, and eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the strongest woman, Vladislava?

The world’s strongest woman is Vladislava Galagan. In the gym, Vladislava started her 11-year training regimen to develop her amazing body. She is a 27-year-old fitness model residing in Prague, Czech Republic after initially being born in Temryuk, Russia.

Q2. How old is Vladislava?

Vladislava is 27 as of 2024.

Q3. How tall is Vladislava?

She stands 5 feet 8 inches (173.5 cm) tall.

Q4. Is Vladislava’s body natural?

No, her body is unnatural, and she doesn’t use supplements. However, her physique is very hard to achieve, and she goes to the gym almost every day of the week.

Q5. Is Vladislava rich?

Yes, her net worth is about $550,000 (estimated).

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Vladislava Galagan Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth - Celeb Geeks (2024)
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