x-squared - Definition, Examples & Practice Problems (2024)

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Mathematicians, scientists, and students have all been fascinated by the term`x^2` for centuries. It symbolizes a crucial idea in algebra and math in general, despite its seeming simplicity. We explore the world of`x^2` and examine its importance, graphs, and uses in this article.

What Is the Meaning of `x^2`?

The term "`x` squared" describes the multiplication of the variable "`x`" by itself. It is a fundamental concept in numerous areas of mathematics, particularly in algebra and geometry, and is mathematically written as "`x^2`".

x-squared - Definition, Examples & Practice Problems (1)

Define `X`-squared

In mathematics, the term "`X` squared" `(x^2)` describes the process of multiplying a number or quantity by itself. Number multiplication is a fundamental arithmetic process, however by repeating multiplication with the number itself, squaring broadens this idea.

In`x^2, x` is referred to as the base, and `2` is the exponent. The power is the term used to describe the entire expression.


Let's examine a simple example:

  • If `x = 10`, then
    `x^2 =10^2`
    `x^2 = 100`

This example makes it easier for us to see how the idea relates to whole numbers.

Similarly, Consider a complex example, such as those using negative numbers:

  • If `x = -10`, then
    `x^2 =(-10)^2`
    `x^2 = 100`

Consider an advanced example, such as those using fractions:

  • If `x =1/5`, then
    `x^2 = (1/5)^2`
    `x^2 = 1/25`

The Square of a Number Is Always Positive

As we can see, the square of a natural number is always positive, irrespective of the number being positive or negative. When you multiply a positive number by any positive number, the result is positive. Additionally negative times a negative also gives a positive result. Hence, it doesn't matter if the original natural number is positive or negative; when squared, it becomes positive.

Understanding the Concept of `x^2`

Importance of `X` Squared in math

The value of `x` squared is crucial in math. It serves as the foundation for several branches of mathematics, such as algebra, calculus, and geometry. It is also crucial for understanding parabolas and creating quadratic equations.

Algebra's Use of `X` Squared

A quadratic function (polynomial function of degree `2`), typically uses squared terms. Additionally, it's essential for understanding parabolas.

The standard form of a quadratic equation is`ax² + bx + c = 0`.

In this case, `x` is the variable we are trying to solve for, and `a, b,` and `c` are constants. Quadratic equations are categorized because of their squared term being the term of the highest degree.

Quadratic Equation Solving

Many scientific and technical sectors use quadratic equations, which frequently include `x^2` terms. For tasks like figuring out a polynomial's roots, calculating a projectile's trajectory, and enhancing functions in economics, they must be solved.

The quadratic formula provides the answers to any quadratic equation. As per the quadratic formula, the values of `x` satisfying the equation are given by:

\[x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a}\]

A quadratic equation may have no real solutions, one real solution, or two real solutions based on the discriminant (the number contained in the square root).

Knowing`x^2` Graph

The graph of `x^2` is one of its most noticeable characteristics. The `y = x^2` curve is a parabola when plotted on a cartesian plane. This parabola opens upward and has its vertex at the origin `(0,0)`. Accordingly, a U-shaped curve results from the fact that as `x` changes from `0` to a higher or lower value, `y (x^2)` values increase.

The Axis of Symmetry

A parabola is a symmetric curve. A parabola can be divided into two equal halves by the axis of symmetry, a vertical line that runs through the vertex. The `y`-axis serves as the axis of symmetry when `y = x^2`.

x-squared - Definition, Examples & Practice Problems (2)

Application of `x^2`

The graph of `x^2`, a parabola, can be found in numerous occurrences and scientific ideas in the physical world. Here are a few illustrations:

Projectile Motion: When something is fired into the air, it travels along a parabolic trajectory that is represented by a quadratic equation. This idea is crucial in physics and engineering, especially in the aerospace and ballistics industries.

Optimization: Various real-world scenarios are optimized using quadratic equations. For instance, companies employ them to increase profits or reduce expenses during production.

Engineering & Design: When constructing structures, circuits, or mechanical systems, engineers frequently run across quadratic equations. The efficiency and dependability of these designs are enhanced by an understanding of the behavior of `x^2` terms.

Solved Examples

Example `1`: Determine the value of `x` when `x^2= 2304`?

Solution: To solve for `x`, we are looking for numbers that when multiplied by itself give `2340` as a result.

You can take the square root of both sides:

x &= \pm \sqrt{2304} \\
&= \pm 48

So, the solutions are `x = +48` and `x = -48`.

Example `2`: Determine the square area with sides that are `x^2` meters long.

Solution: If the side length of a square is given as `x^2` meters,

A &= (\text{side})^2 \\
&= (x^2)^2 \\
&= x^4 \, \text{m}^2

Therefore, the area of the square `=x^4` square meters.

Example `3`: Solve the quadratic equation:

`2x^2 - 3x + 1 = 0`

Solution: To solve this quadratic equation, you can use the quadratic formula:

\(x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a}\)

In this case, `a = 2, b = -3,` and `c = 1`.

Plug these values into the formula:

x &= \frac{-(-3) \pm \sqrt{(-3)^2 - 4(2)(1)}}{2(2)} \\
&= \frac{3 \pm \sqrt{9 - 8}}{4} \\
&= \frac{3 \pm \sqrt{1}}{4} \\
&= \frac{3 \pm 1}{4}

Now, you can simplify:

x &= \frac{3 + 1}{4} \quad \text{or} \quad x = \frac{3 - 1}{4} \\
x &= \frac{4}{4} \quad \text{or} \quad x = \frac{2}{4} \\
x &= 1 \quad \text{or} \quad x = \frac{1}{2}

So, the solutions to the equation are `x =1` and `x = 1/2`.

Practice Problems

Q`1`. What is the value of `x` when `x^2 = 1444`?

  1. `±38`
  2. `±35`
  3. `±45`
  4. `±48`

Answer: a

Q`2`. Calculate the length of each side of a square whose area is`x^4` square units.

  1. `x^3`
  2. `x^2`
  3. `x`
  4. `x^8`

Answer: b

Q.3. What one of the following represents the answer to the equation`18x^2 - 162 = 0`?

  1. `+3`
  2. `-3`
  3. `±3`
  4. None of the above

Answer: c

Frequently Asked Questions

Q`1`: What is`x^2`?

Answer:`x^2` represents `x` raised to the power of `2`, which is the same as `x` multiplied by itself. It's is called as "`x` squared."

Q`2`: What are the solutions to the equation`x^2 = 361`?

Answer: The solutions to`x^2 = 361` are `x = 19` and `x = -19`. This is because`19^2 = 361` and`(-19)^2 = 361`.

Q`3`: What is the square root of`x^2`?

Answer: The square root of`x^2` is`±x` . Every natural number has a positive and a negative root.

Q`4`: How do I solve equations involving `x^2`?

Answer: To solve equations with`x^2`, set the equation equal to zero, then factorize or use the quadratic formula to find the values of `x` that satisfy the equation.

x-squared - Definition, Examples & Practice Problems (2024)
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