What is the refund for desk rejected JFE? (2024)

What is the refund for desk rejected JFE?

Papers may be desk rejected without the editor sending them for review. In this case, the authors will receive a refund of US$300, unless the paper has been rejected previously by the journal, or unless any of the authors have received four desk rejections in the previous twelve months.

What is the desk rejection rate for the Journal of finance?

Desk rejected: 32.9%

How long does a desk rejection take?

Desk rejection: this will usually come within a week or so of submitting your article. A desk rejection is where a member of the editorial team has 'prescreened' your manuscript, considering if it should be sent out to review or not.

What is the word limit for JFE abstract?

It must include the title and an abstract not to exceed 100 words.

How much is the Journal of empirical finance submission fee?

Submissions in any field of finance, corporate, international, asset pricing, market microstructure, etc. are welcome. There is a submission fee of US$ 175.

What does desk rejection mean?

Desk rejection (also known as summary review, pre-review, editorial triage or similar terms) refers to rejection before a paper is sent out for peer review. To a certain degree, the initial desk review of submissions is often made by editors who are typically very busy individuals with multiple demands on their time.

How common is a desk reject?

Keep in mind, editors reject up to 70% of the manuscripts they receive, so they can be pretty picky.

Why do papers get desk rejected?

This could mean that what was submitted to the journal is more similar to another type of academic writing such as a book chapter, condensed thesis etc. Here are a a few characteristics that may portray your article as not being a true journal article: Has many different points. It is unfocused.

How do you respond to a desk rejection?

Nothing is necessary or expected. You could drop an email saying you appreciate the quick decision and any advice they might have given on better outlets for the paper. But, you don't need to do anything.

What is the desk rejection rate in Elsevier?

Why? Well, editors reject between 30 and 50 percent of the articles submitted to Elsevier journals before they even reach the peer-review stage, and one of the top reasons for rejection is poor language.

What is the impact factor of Journal of finance?

Journal of Finance
YearImpact Factor (IF)Total Cites
2022 (2023 update)8.052346
9 more rows

Is 500 words too long for an abstract?

Typically, an abstract describes the topic you would like to present at the conference, highlighting your argument, evidence and contribution to the historical literature. It is usually restricted to 250-500 words.

Is 250 words too long for an abstract?

Tips for writing an abstract

Stick to the word limit. Abstracts are usually 100-250 words long. Follow the specific formatting requirements for your abstract. Provide a statement of what the paper found rather than what it will ask or explore.

Why are journal publishing fees so high?

Publishers must coordinate the publication process, from managing submissions to typesetting, printing, and distribution. These activities don't come cheap. Unfortunately, this cost burden falls on authors through Article Processing Charges and subscription fees.

Who should pay for the publication fee?

This fee may be paid by the author, the author's institution, or their research funder. Sometimes, publication fees are also involved in traditional journals or for paywalled content. Some publishers waive the fee in cases of hardship or geographic location, but this is not a widespread practice.

What is the average journal submission fee?

Submission fees.

Both subscription-based and open access journals may charge a fee (typically $50-125) at the time of manuscript submission to help to fund editorial and peer review administration. From an author's standpoint, these fees might deter submission due to the existence of many journals without such charges.

Is desk reject bad?

Yes. Good papers might be rejected for any of several reasons: They are not in scope for the journal to which they were submitted — the authors did not read the guidelines carefully enough or are not sufficiently familiar with the type of work that he journal usually publishes.

Is paper rejection normal?

For academics, being rejected forms a part and parcel of their work. But although rejection is an incredibly common event for academics, it remains a taboo subject in academia.

Why was my paper rejected without review?

Common reasons why submissions are rejected without peer review. Out of scope of the journal: Many submissions are not sent out for peer review simply because they are out of scope of the journal. If you are unsure whether your manuscript fits the scope of the journal, send a pre-submission inquiry beforehand.

Why is my journal rejected?

– the paper is not relevant to that journal's readers (i.e. it doesn't fit the scope of the journal); – the paper does not make a contribution to new knowledge in the discipline or the application of knowledge; – the paper does not meet established ethical standards; – the paper is poorly written; or – the paper has ...

Does decision in process mean desk rejection?

The "decision in process" is the editor choosing if the next step is acceptance, revision, or rejection. The pause in time does not always mean a rejection in underway. Editors are often busy.

What to do if your paper is rejected?

  1. Take Your Pulse.
  2. Reading the Rejection Letter.
  3. Following the Author Instructions.
  4. Matching Paper to Journal.
  5. Obtaining Additional Data or Reanalyzing Existing Data.
  6. Resubmitting to the Same Journal.
  7. Resubmitting to a New Journal.
  8. Bottom Line.

Does under review mean not desk rejected?

Yes, "Under Review" typically indicates that the submitted paper has successfully passed the initial editorial check and has entered the peer review process.

Can you resubmit a rejected paper?

While there are multiple options for researchers after manuscript rejection, most usually choose to prepare a revised manuscript and work to submit it either in the same or different journal.

How often are papers rejected?

For every research paper that is successfully published, there are thousands more that get left behind and there are many reasons for rejection. In fact, manuscript rejection rates can be as high as 97% in some reputed international journal publications.

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